Software Setups ZIPs EXEs Sum
Minecraft Option Profiles 107 80 - 187
Minecraft Screeshot Shifter 109 75 - 184
LF and CRLF converter - - 217 217
Not longer available software - - - 324

Total downloads: 912

Popularity of downloads

1. LF and CRLF converter (64-bit) with 179 downloads
2. Minecraft Screenshot Shifter with 109 downloads
3. Minecraft Option Profiles with 107 downloads
4. Minecraft Option Profiles with 80 downloads
5. Minecraft Screenshot Shifter with 75 downloads
6. LF and CRLF converter (32-bit) with 25 downloads
7. Console LF and CRLF converter with 13 downloads

Web-App statistics

files have been converted using LF and CRLF converter online.

Other statistics

7 different downloads (e.g. softwares with and without installer) are currently available.
Currently there are 3 different softwares available for download.
The most downloaded software is LF and CRLF converter (64-bit) with 179 downloads.


Big Xplorer was initially released on 10/22/2014 (deprecated)
Big Xplorer - Quick Link Edition was initially released on 26/10/2014 (deprecated)
Big Xplorer - Doppelpack was initially released on 26/10/2014 (deprecated)
TinyMusicPlayer was initially released on 18/12/2014 (deprecated)
DarkWordTester was initially released on 29/12/2014 (deprecated)
Minecraft Option Profiles was initially released on 22/06/2015
Minecraft Screeshot Shifter was initially released on 13/01/2016
LF and CRLF converter was initially released on 09/02/2016
All publication dates can be seen in the changelogs

Version history

Minecraft Option Profiles is currently in version Beta 1.2
Minecraft Screeshot Shifter is currently in version 1.1
LF and CRLF converter is currently in version 1.1 (All editions)


Status: Real-time